How Do You Find Trending Songs on TikTok: A Detailed Guide

how do you find trending songs on tiktok
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Despite all of its controversies, TikTok continues to be one of the most popular platforms for short videos with millions of active users. The platform is famous all over the world and has a plethora of content generated every hour. That means your chances of becoming popular on social media are extremely high on this application. Hence, we often get asked, "How do you find trending songs on TikTok?"

Knowing how to find those songs can substantially increase your chances of increasing your followers on TikTok and make it big on it.

How Do You Find Trending Songs on TikTok

There are two different ways you can try finding trending songs on TikTok, and we’ll briefly discuss each of them below.

Use the Discover Tab and For You Menu

If you are someone who has joined TikTok for the first time, we recommend getting your profile up and running. After that, spend a little while exploring and understanding the app before moving forward. Once you have thoroughly explored the application and its layout, you can now visit the Discover tab, the one with the search lens.

This page will allow you to access all the trending hashtags and the trending songs on the application. The page will also show you the trending music or song along with the number of views that that specific song used has received.

For instance, you will notice that the #SwagStepChallenge has got more than 100 billion views.

On the other hand, the #Wipeitdown challenge has got about two billion views.

Ensure that you also use the appropriate hashtags associated with your videos since that is likely to generate views. If you have been using TikTok for a while now, you can simply go to the “For You” menu on the app. It will provide you suggestions for the popular and trending songs based on your preference.

Use the Create Video Button

Alternatively, you can also find the trending music on the application from the “Create Video” option. Simply click the “Plus” button located in the bottom center of the application. After that, select the sound option located on the top-center of the application.

This option will reveal a menu that shows the latest hits from a wide range of categories. These include English stations, the country station's local language, and trending TikTok songs.

Select the song that is trending and suits your video. Again, make sure that you add all the necessary hashtags specific to your video to increase its reach. You can also share your video on other social media applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

That will allow users who don’t use TikTok to view your videos, thereby making your video go viral on other platforms.

What Are Other Ways to Find a Trending Song on TikTok?

Often, you will find videos with music that have no name linked to it, which can make finding that particular audio clip difficult.

Thankfully, there are different methods you can use to resolve this issue, including:

how do you find trending songs on tiktok

Via Siri or Google Assistant

All you need is another mobile phone to identify the song playing on the video on your phone. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open TikTok on your phone and then choose the video with the song you are looking to learn more about it. Now take another phone.
  2. If it is an Android phone, launch your Google Assistant and command the app to “Identify the Song” while the song simultaneously plays on your phone. The result will be displayed on your phone after a few seconds.
  3. If the secondary phone is an iPhone, launch Siri and do the same thing as mentioned above.
  4. You can click on the results to directly take you to its YouTube page, which thereby allows you to add it to your YouTube playlist and then use it in your video.

Via Third-Party Applications

If Google Assistant or Siri fails to recognize the song for you, your next option is to rely on third-party apps that you need to download from Google Play or the App Store. There are two different third-party apps you can choose from, and they are:

  • Shazam

Available for free on both Apple and Android phones, Shazam is one of the best apps you can find to recognize songs. The app is easy to use and has a fairly vast music library, which means that you will most likely find the song you’re looking for.

  • SoundHound

SoundHound is a fairly similar app, but it does not have a vast music library the way Shazam does. That said, the app is free on both iPhone and Android devices.

Via Internet Search

The above two methods we discussed will most likely provide you with the song results you are looking for. However, there may be those rare occasions where neither of them will be able to identify the song. That can happen if the audio isn’t too clear, the song is too new, or it isn't listed in the music library.

In such situations, you can try searching for the song doing some good old manual search. All you need to do is listen to the song carefully and catch a few of the lyrics. Then you can type it on Google Search or YouTube to find it.

We recommend using a pair of headphones to hear the lyrics clearly, and you can do so by having the best headphones that you can also use to produce music.

Alternatively, you can search for the name of the song in the comments of the video itself. The chances are that someone may have already asked and answered the question.

Some Helpful Tips to Help You Go Viral

The Discover Page on the app is one of the best ways to know what’s trending and what you can use in your videos. That said, there are a few points you need to keep in mind, such as:

Visit the Website

You can do one better by visiting TikTok on your laptop’s browser. After logging in, click on “Watch Now”, which will take you on to the next screen.

Here, you will find the Discover page. Immediately when you start scrolling, you will find that on the left side are all the current popular challenges and hashtags, whereas on the right side are all of the trending and popular songs.

Find the Number of Views of the Songs

When you click on one of the songs, you will find how many times other users used the songs in their videos. One way that could potentially lead your video to become viral is by selecting these popular songs on the application and using it in your own video.

However, there is a catch to this. Using songs that have been used millions of times already may make it difficult for your video to go viral. If you choose to use that song anyway, make sure that your video is exceptionally unique to catch people’s attention.

Choose a Custom Track

TikTok also recommends using particular songs based on your videos and preference. To find these tracks, you simply tap on the + icon and then click “Sounds” located on the top of the screen.

In this list, TikTok will recommend a bunch of trending songs especially suited to your videos. You can also choose music based on a playlist.

Opt for the Pro account

If you are serious about making it big on TikTok, we highly recommend switching to the pro account. To do this, open your TikTok app and tap on “Me”. Here you will find an icon with three horizontal dots. Click that, and you will find the “Manage My Account” option.

Here, you will find the option to switch to the Pro account. This will allow you to keep an overall track on your account’s reach and performance.

View the Analytics Page

Now that you have access to your analytics page, you will find it in privacy and settings as a new sub-menu.

Select analytics and select “Followers”. Here you will be able to find the list of songs that your followers are listening to. It will give you a better idea about the songs you should choose for your own videos that can make you go viral.

Jumping on the Right Trend at the Right Time

So, how do you find trending songs on TikTok? You have a lot of ways to find trending songs on TikTok such as using the app's features, Google, YouTube, Siri, and other applications.

Keep in mind, though, that just using a trending song in your video will not guarantee it to go viral. It will give you a better chance of getting recognized, only if your content is also unique. Thus, be as innovative as possible in your videos.

Take inspiration from top TikTokers to see what’s working for them and similarly inspire yourself. While people have gone viral and have become famous overnight, there chances to happen are quite low. Hence, make sure you are constantly trying and not giving up.

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