How Do You Learn To Sing In Harmony?

How Do You Learn To Sing Harmony
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Amateur singers and hobbyists do find it challenging to learn to sing in harmony. This is because creating harmony with other voices isn’t an easy task. However, it is a profound and lovely experience to create harmony with other human voices.

If you are one of those singers who can perfectly sing a melody, it is possible to teach your ears how to sing in harmony. Just like other elements of music, singing in harmony is a skill that you can master after regular practice.

Below are some of the tips that can help you to sing in harmony without any extra effort.

How to Start

In order to start, you need to learn to listen to harmonies. For instance, you can hear the songs of different professional singers and learn how they respond when singing in harmony. However, this doesn’t suggest that you should start listening and practicing tough songs.

Instead, try to learn the simplest harmonies in the beginning. The best way in this regard is to find a folk tune to start with. For instance, “Going to the Chapel” is the easiest song that you can use to begin learning harmony.


Regular Practice

No doubt, you need to learn the skills to sing in harmony. In some cases, people are not comfortable while singing in harmony. If you are one of them, it is essential to practice a lot.

Furthermore, you also need to learn the concept associated with harmonies.

When you have a clear idea of what harmony is, it will be much easy for you to learn this singing technique. Therefore, you must take an interest in practicing harmony whenever singing with friends.

Moreover, the key to singing harmony is to master your voice. For this purpose, you need to learn the best techniques to sing like a pro. If you want to sing harmony in perfection, make sure to check out Singorama website.

Creating the Harmonies

This a great way to learn how to sing harmony. Here, you don’t need a piano to practice this type of singing. What you need is choosing your favorite song and try making harmonies by yourself.

By following this technique, you can learn to sing in harmony within less time and in a more effective way. You can also record your song while practicing the song. As a result, you can listen back to the song and find out any flaws.

Learning Harmony by Singing along your Favorite Songs

With the help of this simple and interesting method, you can learn to sing in harmony without any hassle. It is the easiest way to master the art of singing in harmony. You just need to sing along with the harmony lines.

To help you to lock into the harmony line, you have to focus on the timbre of voice playing in the song. When the singer himself sings both the melody and harmony, just focus on the highest or lowest voice.

How Do You Learn To Sing Harmony

After you are confident and understand the lows and highs of the song, it would be much easier for you to sing along with harmonies. Furthermore, you can also try to harmonize with every vocal that you listen to in a song.

Think about Joining a Choir

There is nothing more effectual to learn singing harmonies than singing in a choir. This is a great way, as by joining a choir, you can practice harmony regularly. Here, you can learn to hear the harmonies that are above or below the melodies.

Moreover, if you find it challenging to catch up with other singers of your groups, singing in a choir is a perfect way to overcome this issue. After a few months, you will find an improvement in your ear for harmony.

In addition, singing harmony in a choir is a perfect way to enhance your singing skills. For instance, the singers with stronger ears may assist and guide you while improving your hearing skills.

Harmonic Ear Training

To learn how to sing in harmony, you have to enhance the hearing power of your ear. For this purpose, you can start playing and listening to your guitar or piano. To begin with, just play a chord and pick out the tone for each chord.

You can start with basic triads such as root position and then include inversions. The best way in this regard is to sing the lowest voice. After that, try singing the highest notes for the sake of getting used to such a scale.

After practicing this for a few days, you will find it easier to locate the top and bottom notes. Once you feel that your ears can easily pick lower and higher notes, try to work on the middle note. This is the hardest note to hear. Hence, you need to practice a lot when learning to listen to this particular note.

Learn from your Experience

When you are facing difficulty while hearing the harmony, you can take help from your experience. This involves utilizing your theory knowledge, which can help to map out the harmony lines.

For instance, if you need to find out the harmony line, what you need is to find out the first chord and then the melody note. After grabbing the starting point, it would be much easier for you to locate the pathway.

In addition, you can also hear the complete song and create some anchor concerning the pitches. This will help to guide your ears with each chord change. This tip can assist you in learning the art of harmony singing. For further guidance and tips, you can visit the Singorama website.



No doubt, harmony singing tends to be a perfect skill that you must add to your musical knowledge. To make yourself an experienced harmony singer, you need to memorize the harmony lines of your favorite songs.

If you want to make yourself capable of singing harmony like a pro, you need to follow the simple tips discussed above. In addition, another way to learn basic singing techniques is to join a group or training session.

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