Apps To Learn How To Sing

Apps To Learn How To Sing
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In this article, we have rounded up a few of the best singing apps to help you better learn how to sing.

Technological advancements have changed the world in the past two decades. Hundreds of things that were not possible then are possible today with the use of the latest technology. For example, the latest tech has made it possible to play with vocals and fine-tune the sound results.

Similarly, learning has become easier today. Today hundreds of children's learning apps exist that let them learn new things through games. When it comes to learning how to sing, there are a lot of applications that guide you and can improve your singing skills and essentially taking the place of a vocal coach. They allow you to record your singing and check the feedback on your recording.

Additionally, you can learn to identify your weak areas so you can work on those weaknesses. Sometimes even with dramatic improvements to your singing voice. Even experienced singers will find these apps useful.

In case you are interested more in-depth information about improving the quality of your voice or singing in general, we can recommend the Singorama 2.0 course. It's not free, but the value you'll get from it definitely justifies the cost.

Apps To Learn How To Sing


Vanido is a free application to help you improve your singing skills. Currently, this application is only available on the Apple Store. The Google Play version is still in the developing stages.

As a personal singing coach, Vanido helps you to learn how to sing in an engaging way. There are plenty of singing exercises that help you improve your vocal range, pitch, breathing, and providing ear training. The app also gives you feedback on your recordings.

Whenever you are not using the correct pitch, it will guide you. The modern, repetition-based technique allows you to sing with your favorite songs, as well.

Vanido is powered by Spotify and Apple Music. It allows you to get reminders, set challenges, and track your progress. The app provides personalized singing lessons depending on your range and performance. This means that it will gradually increase the challenge to improve your skills.

Learn to Sing, Singing Lessons

Are you considering hiring a professional vocal instructor to highlight your mistakes? That is not a bad idea, but how about you learn at home without paying for vocal training? Here is a wonderful learning application: Learn to Sing, Singing Lessons. This application has everything to help you increase your vocal range and improve your vocal technique.

The application features innovative technology, What You See is What You Sing. It allows you to track your pitch in real-time to let you know where you need to improve. There is a breathing filter engine to track your breathing habits while singing. If your breathing patterns weren’t up to the mark, the application will guide you on how to improve.

The Train Plus Track feature allows you to set your goals and view your stats. You can record, playback, and share your singing efforts with your friends to get feedback.

The Vocal Range section is the best point to start your singing experience with this application. The measurement of low and high notes guides you to find out what your range is so you can choose songs accordingly. The application is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple app store.


Smule is an application that is distinct from other singing applications. This application allows you to record your singing and upload it to their database. You can either choose to sing alone or with other users. It also allows you to stream online. You can interact with other users, share your recordings with them, or invite them to sing with you.

There is a big database of songs to choose from and sing along with. Plus, they are constantly uploading new songs. Smule features a variety of sound effects to improve your vocals. Unlike other applications, it allows you to make videos and share them with the network, as well.

The Smule app works like a social media network. However, it is limited to singers and their needs. If you are a singer or trying to improve your singing skills, there is no doubt that you will love joining the Smule community.


Voxtrain is a premium online singing course application. The course focuses on improving your singing skills through constant training. There are courses for everyone, from a beginner to an experienced singer. However, the courses are not available for free. The 18-week course makes sure you become a better singer who is able to perform in front of any audience.

There are three courses available at $29 each. For beginners, there is a course called Voxtrain Fundamentals. If you are an intermediate singer, you can take Voxtrain Intermediate. The experienced singers can enhance their learning by taking the Voxtrain Advanced course.

The course allows you to learn the depth of singing and how you can improve your skill level. The interactive learning program allows you to interact with other users and get personal feedback on your recordings.

Another positive thing about this course is that it works on your emotions and confidence, as well. You may have heard of people singing without emotions. It ruins the whole experience, no matter how good you are at singing.


If you are trying to improve your pitch, SingTrue is worth installing on your mobile device. When you have a singing teacher in your hand all the time, you can learn at a quicker pace. This app has more than 30 lessons that focus on improving your voice, and it allows you to track your progress regularly.

If you are a part-time singer and want to practice certain areas or increase your range, you can definitely benefit from using this app. SingTrue is currently available on the Apple Store only. There is no news whether the developers are going to develop the Google Play version or not.

Perfect Your Pitch Pro

This app is part of a course package called Singorama 2.0, which was developed by a famous singer in Australia.. The 'Perfect Your Pitch Pro' app will help you tune your ears and voice such that you can hit the right notes every time you sing. You will be able to improve your singing voice in a short amount of time. 

This app is an excellent addition to the vocal training found in the lessons in the course package. By following this course, you'll be in good hands, as a successful singer and vocal coach developed it.


In the modern world, people have no time to fulfill their desires and complete their dreams. Everyone is so busy making a living that it is hard to get time to learn how to sing. Thanks to technology, though, you can now learn how to sing by just installing a few applications.

There is no need to enroll in singing classes or hire an instructor. Singing apps allow you to improve every part of your singing, from breathing patterns to vocal consistency. Just install these applications, and you will find yourself in a musical world with instruments and singers everywhere around you. 

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