How to Get Famous on TikTok: Our Top Seven Tips

how to get famous on tiktok
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TikTok, in the little time it began a few years ago as, has proven that it has an unrivaled penetration and reach among younger Millennials and Gen Z-ers. From a random obscure application for karaoke to becoming the top-most free entertainment application on the app store, the journey has been nothing short of amazing. No wonder so many people want to know how to get famous on TikTok.

Of course, becoming famous on it is not a piece of cake. With more than half a billion active users, TikTok has become a virtual battleground for content creators. It is easy for even decent content to drown in the millions of content uploaded almost every day.

Nonetheless, becoming famous on the app isn’t an impossible feat, and let’s tell you how.

How to Get Famous on TikTok

Keep in mind that becoming a successful TikToker is no fluke. There is a well-etched strategy you need to follow along with engaging content that will make you stand out from other fellow talented TikTokers.

To get things started, here are some top tips:

1. Be Consistent

The great thing about uploading content on TikTok is that there isn’t anything such as posting on it too often. TikTokers with millions of followers say that posting even three videos a day will allow you to grow quicker than a user who posts only once a day.

Unfortunately, not many people have a clear understanding of TikTok’s algorithm. Additionally, unlike other platforms like Facebook, TikTok does not punish its user for uploading content frequently.

Still, keep in mind that you should not oversaturate your content on TikTok. That is because every time you post something, the platform sends your video to different users.

Think of this as owning property. The more of them you have, the more income it will generate.

Most of the popular TikTokers we spoke to kept mentioning the word “consistency”. They claim that even if their videos garner millions of views, it means nothing if they don’t post consistently since they will risk disappearing into the sea of other TikTokers.

However, this rule is not black and white. While consistency is still important, some users can get away with posting once every day, and others can get away posting two to three times a week.

That all depends on the type of content you are uploading. For example, people who post dance routines or skits can post once a day, while others who do bigger and more involved videos can post a little less frequently.

2. Capitalize on Trends

Whether TikTok trends are important to you depends entirely on your content. However, every TikToker unanimously agrees that at some point or the other, you have to use these trends to your advantage so that you can stand out.

For instance, if your TikTok is solely dedicated to your home cooking, you most likely do not have to break out into the new trending dance routine. That said, being part of a trend will bring you closer to the platform’s community.

What is of key importance is that you need to get yourself into the “For You” page. This is TikTok’s equivalent of the newsfeed on Facebook. The “For You” page will put up your video for the 30 million constantly scrolling down on that page, which means it won’t hurt you to be there.

The way you can do this is by hopping on whatever is trending in that period. You may not necessarily need to do the same thing, but add your style to it to match your content.

Also, keep a close eye on the trending songs. If your “For You” page is filled with videos with the same song more than 10 times, it’s most likely a trend.

how to get famous on tiktok

3. Be Unique

You may have noticed certain TikTok accounts that post ridiculous content but still have millions of followers. Even though the content may be considered weird, this isn't something people are used to seeing regularly, and that’s what makes these users stand out.

Everyone’s aware that the platform is oversaturated with tons of wannabe influencers, so to succeed, there needs to be something unique about you.

One thing we highly recommend anyone looking to make it big on TikTok is to establish a personality. That may sound basic, but it’s something that most people don’t do. Hence, you constantly see many users simply making videos of them miming to dialogues from famous movies or TV shows or dancing the same routine of what’s trending.

Even as entertaining as they can be, most people do not tend to connect with them. Every well-established TikToker posts content that people haven’t seen before. They aren’t afraid to be weird, so you shouldn’t be either.

4. Make the Most of TikTok's Features

Even with the limited knowledge of TikTok’s algorithm, it is clear that the platform tends to reward users who take advantage of all the new features they offer. While users can upload their songs to their videos, it is important to take the hint that the platform is looking forward to you using everything new it has to offer.

Like Instagram, it constantly keeps adding new effects and features, so you have to keep using them to increase your number of views and followers. When you use filters and effects that have been newly released, users will most likely end up viewing your video out of curiosity.

If they like what they see, they end up on your profile and view more videos of you and maybe even follow you. Another crucial element is to ensure that other TikTokers can repurpose your video.

If they can duet with it, remix it, or even reuse the audio, you will get tagged on it, which will make some users want to follow you.

5. Take Advantage of Your Viral Video

Becoming viral is one of the quickest ways of making it big on TikTok. Having a video go viral will instantly increase your number of followers and engagement on your posts.

That said, becoming viral is just the first step. What’s important is how quickly you’re able to capitalize on it. Keep in mind that your video's chances of becoming viral are one in a million, so don’t place your bets on it. However, if you have gone viral, we recommend riding that wave for as long as you can.

Post your next few videos after the viral video and still highlighting and talking about it. The first few days after a viral video will most likely be about that only, so people will want to know more about you and the video. Keep feeding into that curiosity. Of course, no more than a week or so later, the buzz will die down.

While your chances of making another video go viral are not that high, you now need to put up unique and interesting content as regularly as possible to keep your new followers engaged.

Make sure that you are putting a lot of thought into every video you put up. Spend as much time as possible making sure that the concept, dialogues, angles, lighting, and so on are just perfect.

6. Consider Other Localities

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram, the locality is of significant importance on TikTok. When you create or consume content in your local language, you will immediately realize that all the suggestions from the platform on the “For You” page get adjusted based on your location.

This will make it harder for English-speaking content creators to reach a larger audience beyond their location. It becomes a massive advantage for local and small creators.

Even through the exposure from this local audience, small influencers can grow their exposure and impact within their area. Thus, becoming popular even in their small circle. That is also why posts about cultural differences, local practices, and different accents tend to go viral on the platform.

7. Be Mindful of Posting Time

We can’t say that there is a golden hour that will provide you with the most engagement for your posts.

We can say that the best time to post is when you can engage with other users right after you publish your video. Engaging with other users by replying to their comments is a great and powerful way to strengthen your relationship with the followers.

If you are still curious to know when exactly your followers come online and are most active so that you can post your videos accordingly, you will need to opt for the Pro account. With a Pro account, you can get full access to your profile’s analytics page.

It will show all the details about your followers, including the time they are the most active.

Following Every Trick to Become a Successful TikToker

Knowing and understanding how to get famous on TikTok is the first step in making it big on this platform. While we all would want to have our videos go viral and become an instant success, it’s very unlikely that will happen. Your best bet is to keep up with the latest trends while putting unique content regularly. Furthermore, trends are always changing, so make sure you keep up with it.

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