Is Singing Good For You?

Is Singing Good for You? - Vocals in Tune
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In this article, we will explore a few reasons why singing is good for you.

Does singing reduce stress? Can it help against anxiety? Is it possible to express emotions when you sing? Can you bond with other people through singing? If so, how do we enjoy these benefits?

Read on to find out.

Reducing stress

Nowadays, a lot of people experience stress as part of their daily lives. Stress seems to be unavoidable, and if we don’t find ways of reducing it, we can run into much bigger problems in the future. This is where singing comes in handy.

You don’t have to sing at a professional level to reap the stress-reducing benefits of singing. Just singing in the shower will already be a great stress-reducer.

When you sing, you focus only on the song. You won’t be thinking about anything else. This is because singing requires you to concentrate on using the proper technique, you need to follow the rhythm and pitch of the music, and you also have to remember the correct lyrics.

The result is that you will not be worrying about all your problems and issues. Thus, you can see it as a kind of mindfulness exercise. It will restore a sense of calm in your mind.

Besides, from music therapy, we know that singing songs with slow beats per minute (BPM) can help you slow your breathing. In music therapy, the types of music used often sound very peaceful. You’ll find that this music also has an acoustic and a slow percussive feel. Singing along with this type of music can help you reduce your stress.

When you are stressed, your body produces a particular hormone called cortisol. Having too much cortisol for too long in your body is unhealthy. It has several adverse effects on your body. One such adverse effect is that it weakens your immune system.

The act of singing reduces the production of cortisol. Also, it seems to increase two types of beneficial hormones called hydrocortisone and endorphins. Hydrocortisone is an anti-stress hormone, and endorphins are feel-good hormones. These hormones help reduce stress and diminish the adverse effects of stress.

Singing helps against anxiety

Scientists have shown that singing can help people dealing with anxiety. During times you experience anxiety, it will help if you control your breathing. 

When you sing you are managing how you breathe because you will make use of long exhalations. Just as you sing a song phrase, you will exhale. On the other hand, you will inhale in-between song phrases. Breathing in such a manner works pretty much like breathing exercises known from the practice of yoga.

The result is that it helps you relax and thus reduces your sensation of anxiety.

Apart from managing your breathing, singing also helps you improve your posture. When you are experiencing anxiety, you are likely to make your shoulders hunch and resulting in you curling into yourself. When you sing, you are forcing yourself to straighten your shoulders and releasing the tension which is present.

Expressing your emotions

We all experience the full range of humans emotions. On occasion, it can be that certain emotions are overwhelming – no matter whether we experience them as positive or negative. Anyway, singing can help us to express those emotions such that we can handle them more easily.

You can channel your feelings into a song. Channeling your emotions in such a way can lift your mood.

Besides, there can also be numerous times when we would like to share our emotions, just as we can share ideas. To sing is an excellent method of sharing those emotions.

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Singing has social benefits

Singing together with other people helps you connect with them. You will meet new people when you sing in a choir. Also, you will have an interest that you share. You can support each other to become better. Together, you can discover new techniques, new songs, new singing styles, and so on. 

When you sing with others, it will provide you with an excellent opportunity to bond together and experience a sense of community.

You can sing no matter from which socio-economic background you are and no matter from which culture you are. Through singing, you can meet people from other backgrounds and cultures. Getting to meet others through singing will enable you to connect and bridge any gaps that may exist. Your mutual understanding will increase.

Enjoying the benefits of singing

If you want to get started with reducing stress and anxiety, expressing your emotions and connecting with others, don’t worry about the details of the techniques when you begin singing. The important part is to get started. 

Getting started is the first step. As with all new endeavors, this is the most challenging part. Once you have gotten into the habit of singing, then you can begin improving your technique. Improving your singing includes finding out precisely what your vocal range is, learning various warm-up methods, using special breathing techniques, etc. 

When you start getting better at singing, your self-confidence will also increase. Thus you will enjoy this added benefit as well.

To improve how you sing, you can follow lessons at a music school, a conservatory, a vocal school, or even learn from the comfort of your home. Many online courses exist such that you can learn to sing from home or anywhere else where you have access to a computer and an internet connection. In addition, there are also some singing apps available for iPhone and Android phones which can also help you to improve how you sing.

There are also many opportunities to sing with others in choirs, classical ensembles, acapella groups, etc. Look around in your area and see what groups you can find.


Yes! Singing is most definitely good for you!It provides many health benefits, such as reducing stress and helping against anxiety. Besides, when you sing it also allows you to express your emotions and share these with others.

Furthermore, to sing enables you to connect with other people across socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Just get started singing. You can worry about improving your technique later on.

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