How to Start a Singing Career?

how to start a singing career
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All of us have dreams, but only a few people make concrete plans to make it happen. If you are one of those who want to know how to start a singing career, you have to start taking steps to enhance your singing. Successful singers spend a lot of time perfecting their craft before they go out and perform for their audience.

In these modern times, it is easier to showcase your talent through different online platforms, which are very far from the struggles of previous artists. However, if you still have to improve your singing talent before presenting it to the world, then you can start by checking out Singorama.

How to Start a Singing Career

There are several ways for you to showcase your singing prowess.

Here are some of the most common things aspiring singers do to kick-start their singing career:

1. Get a Talent Agent

Having a talent agent is vital in your singing journey. They are the ones who will look for opportunities and advise you which ones should be prioritized. A professional talent agent can add you to his list of artists, who he would usually show to producers and prospective clients.

2. Join Singing Competitions

Most contemporary singers have been part of a singing competition, whether as a contestant or a member of the show. Presently, there are several singing competitions for both local and international scenes.

Join local competitions first before progressing to international ones as you build your confidence and prove your talent along the way. If you feel you are not yet ready to join competitions then you may instead consider performing at Open Mic nights at your local venues.

Music producers and talent scouts will be present at competitions and Open Mic events. So these are definitely events you should consider joining.

3. Audition

Since you already have the talent, you also have to work on your confidence and stage presence.

For you to have that confident aura while on stage, you need to be exposed to different types of audiences. Perhaps, try auditioning in theater productions or singing groups. You will not only gain confidence and improve your talent, but you will also meet a lot of people who can help in advancing your career.

4. Use the Power of Technology

You can easily promote yourself through various social media platforms by uploading your video performances. Start by creating an account on video-sharing platforms and post videos where you are singing. Before you know it, someone might notice one of those videos and take action.

We all know an artist or two who was discovered online through their uploaded videos. As long as you know how to use the various channels available, you can easily promote your talent.

how to start a singing career

Tips to Start an Independent Singing Career

If you want to pursue a career in music, you have to take action and start somewhere, even if you have to do it independently.

What’s good about these modern times is you have the freedom to promote your music through different platforms using the Internet. These days, artists don’t have to be at the mercy of major music labels to showcase their talent and be heard.

However, you have to keep in mind that independently creating a career in music is not easy and would need a lot of hard work and perseverance on your part.

Here are some of the things that you can do to start your career.

1. Make Sure You Have Something to Fall Back On

Some aspiring artists tend to leave everything behind and focus on their dream of making a name in the music industry. While that’s not a bad thing, in reality, there’s not much money when you’re starting an independent singing career.

It is best to have a day job or something that will generate an income at the beginning of your journey. You can think of income-generating jobs or businesses within the music industry, so you are still within the music community. This would make it easier for you to transition as an artist.

2. Set Goals and Make Plans

To say that you want to be a singer is still a common goal that covers a broad topic. You may want to set specific goals of what you want to become and achieve. Once you’ve set your goals, start making action plans on how you can accomplish that goal. Then, ensure that your time is spent working towards that goal and not wasted on non-essential things.

3. Treat Your Career as a Business

Some may see a singing career as a glamorous thing, but if you look at it closely, it is a business that you need to take care of for it to succeed and generate money.

Technically, you are selling a product, which is your voice, and you want to make sure that your customers will buy what you are selling. If, in the future, you have to hire other people to handle the business aspect of your career, you still have to know how it is done. In this way, you can always make the right decision regarding your music career.

4. Continue to Improve Your Craft

Think of other ways to improve your craft and continue to make music so that you always have something new to offer. If you are good with your craft and people notice you and your music, then that is the time that you have to keep pushing yourself more. You may have excellent talent, but if you don’t back it up with good songs, nothing will happen to your career.

One good song can help boost your career, but you should not be complacent and stop there. Remember to make good music and always promote your songs, both old and new. There will always be someone who will hear your song for the first time, so find platforms where you can share your music.

5. Create Networks and Make Connections

The people you know and connect with can determine how far you have gone in your career and your life. Connect with your community first and build a relationship with those involved in the local music scene in your area.

Try to maximize the power of the Internet and make connections online, as well. Also, you may also want to try to support and collaborate with other artists. The ideal way to do this is through social media like FaceBook, Youtube, and Instagram. You could also consider employing more dedicated social media platforms like Bandcamp.

6. Establish Your Online Presence

Make your presence felt online not only through your music but also on how you present yourself to your followers. It makes sense to invest in good quality photos, videos, and graphics to let your audience know that you are serious about what you are offering.

Create your brand and identity, which should showcase your strength and what you can offer as an artist.


How to Take Care of Your Singing Career

There are specific things that you need to do to ensure that you can conquer the music industry.

You have to be focused on your goal and committed to developing your singing skills before you start performing in public. Before you can make a public performance, you have to make sure that you have taken the necessary steps to prepare yourself in all aspects.

1. Improve Your Talent

Singing skills are not just about being able to hold a note and memorizing the lyrics. There are also technical aspects that you have to focus on, like your vocal range and the singing style and genre you are comfortable with.

You have to know what kind of singing voice you have and focus on how to make the best use of it. Besides, you also need to know if you are comfortable performing as a solo artist, a lead singer in a band, or part of the backup singers. In addition, you must also have an ear for music for you to sing in tune and recognize the rhythm in a song.

2. Take Voice Lessons

Enlisting the services of a voice coach is essential to your plans of becoming a singer. They can guide you and teach you how you can maximize your talent. Furthermore, they can also help in enhancing your singing skills through effective techniques while pointing out which areas you need to improve on.

Technically, a voice coach will guide you on your singing journey while boosting your confidence in performing in front of a lot of people.

Make it a habit to practice daily and do vocal exercises, as well.

3. Learn Music Theory and How to Read Sheet Music

It is important to learn music theory. This will enable you to read and understand sheet music. Most professional singers can sing anything impromptu when reading music. You may be given sheet music to read in the future, and it will not hurt if you know how to read it.

4. Learn to Play an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument while you sing adds a distinct flavor to your style and performance.

It is also easier to try and write your songs if you also play an instrument, which will be an advantage to your career as you perform original songs. Singing your own original songs will give you your identity as a performer, eliminating comparison issues if you will only cover songs from other artists.

5. Do Some Research

Try to watch and analyze performance videos of your favorite singers and see how they interact with their audience. Besides, you may also mirror how they exude their confidence on the stage while performing.

What Singorama Can Do to Help

Singorama is not just a great online resource for aspiring singers but is also perfect for professional singers who want to improve their craft. Using their latest product, Singorama 2.0, you will not only learn how to sing but also have the chance to learn straight from the professionals.

The mini recording studio software is one great way of practicing your craft so that you can also listen to your voice and how you interpret a song. Listening to your own singing is one of the best ways on how to improve yourself at performing and boosting your confidence.


Learning how to start a singing career nowadays is not as difficult as before. This is thanks to the Internet and all the available online platforms it offers.

That is why you must know how to use these various platforms so that you can easily upload and advertise your music. If you believe in your heart that you have a talent, then make sure that you hone your craft and master it. Use all the available channels given to you, and let the people listen to your music.

The world is hungry for new artists with new and great content to offer.

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