How to Memorize Song Lyrics?

how to memorize song lyrics
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Are you curious to know how to memorize song lyrics quickly? Is there a unique trick you can follow? We’re sure many are asking those same questions right now.

Trying to remember the lyrics of a song in a short period can be challenging, and even professional singers find that to be true. Learning that fact may ease some of the stresses and anxieties one gets when memorizing song lyrics, but doing nothing to address it will not solve anything. You have to look for ways to remedy your dilemma and start acting on it.

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Is Singing a Talent or a Skill?

Before we share with you how you can memorize the lyrics of a song faster, let’s first talk about a question that you’re probably wondering about, as well. Is singing something you are born with or one that you can learn and hone?

This has been a subject for debate among many, including music enthusiasts and between friends. If you ask us, it can be a mixture of both skill and talent. Why?

We believe that anyone can learn how to sing if he so wishes. What's more, he can do so through various means. You can learn how to sing by getting voice lessons, constant practice, vocal drills, and other voice-enhancing activities.

Anyone can improve their skill primarily through the help of professional voice coaches, but the talent is innate. You may have a talent for singing, which is why you can hold a note, but if you don’t exert extra effort to improve on it, then you will not get better at singing.

In doing this, you can then be sure that you hone your musical intelligence even more.

What Is Musical Intelligence?

Musical intelligence came from Howard Gardner’s book titled Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, published in 1983. He believes that intelligence should not be viewed as a person’s academic ability alone but as a combined understanding of different types of knowledge. Musical intelligence is all about a person’s artistic inclination, which includes performing and appreciating music, among others.

Some people excel in the field of music, like musicians, composers, disc jockeys, and more.

Here are some well-known personalities with a high level of musical intelligence.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven is one of the greatest composers of all time. He penned most of his most excellent compositions after losing his hearing capabilities, saying that he can hear the notes inside his head.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a pop-singer who captivated millions of people with his musical ingenuity and gravity-defying dance moves.


Eminem is one of the best modern rappers we have today who showed his exceptional creativity through numerous records and movies.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

Mozart is Beethoven’s contemporary and is also considered as a great composer and a child prodigy. He started showing his superior musical intelligence at a young age.

How to Memorize Song Lyrics

From the examples given above, it’s clear to see that these people not only had that innate talent for singing but also worked hard to level up their skills. The same is true if you wish to memorize song lyrics faster. Here are some tips and tricks that you can try so that you will be better at memorizing song lyrics.

1. Know Your Learning Style

You may be wondering why someone can memorize song lyrics faster than you do, even if you are both using the same technique. Song memorization may be easy for most people, but not everybody can do it as quickly. This is because we have different learning styles, and this affects the way we comprehend a piece of information.

There are three essential learning styles, and knowing which one is your preference can significantly help you when it comes to song memorization.

Visual Learning Style

The visual learning style, or also known as spatial learning style, is how an individual learns by connecting certain information with specific images or colors. Learners under this style need to see the image or object first before they can fully understand the information.

If you are a visual learner and you are trying to learn the lyrics of a new song, you will remember it faster if you are reading it or if you have written it down. Some try to watch a music video and would recall scenes to remember the lyrics of the song.

how to memorize song lyrics

Auditory Learning Style

An auditory learning style is how a person understands a piece of information through listening and speaking. They need to hear the information so that they can process and understand it completely.

For auditory learners trying to memorize the lyrics of a song, they just need to listen to the song over and over to remember its words. These learners are at an advantage when it comes to memorizing the lyrics, as songs are meant to be listened to and sung.

Tactile Learning Style

Tactile learners are the ones that need hands-on activities to strengthen their learning abilities. These learners cannot sit still, might be distracted with his surroundings, and then lose interest very fast. They will not be able to learn a new song by simply listening to it as they are more spatial than auditory.

If you are a tactile learner, you may need to pace the room while trying to memorize the lyrics of a new song.

2. Learn the Music and the Lyrics Separately

This trick is applicable if you are trying to learn a song or composition that you have never heard before. It is even harder if you will also be playing an instrument while singing. Whatever the situation is, learn the music first, and in doing so, your brain will remember the melody faster.

Most of the time, song melodies consist of two to three different parts where verses of a song will have the same harmonies. They will only differ when you reach the bridge or the chorus part.

After learning the melody, memorizing the lyrics will be easier.

3. Surround Yourself With the Song

You may not realize it, but when learning a new song, your mind is subconsciously visualizing the lyrics. Think of the song as a story or a movie and associate the lyrics to how the story unfolds. Sometimes, visualizing the words will help you remember it faster.

Another way to familiarize yourself with the song is by listening to it every chance you get. You can save a copy of it on your phone and play it on repeat, making it your background music while you do your daily activities and singing along with the song.

4. Memorize the First Lines of Each Verse

Our minds are good at remembering by associating it with something. When memorizing lyrics, it's ideal to remember the first line of each verse and its sequence. Most of the time, our minds will automatically recognize the next line after the first line prompts our memory.

5. Remember the Rhyme

Just like in poetry, rhyming is an integral part of song lyrics. After all, they are poems added to the melody. Rhyming words also makes it easy to memorize poems and song lyrics.

6. Analyze the Song Lyrics

Understand the lyrics and get the deeper meaning of the song. Try to look deep within to find out what the song is trying to tell the listeners. Knowing the story of the song will not only help you remember the lyrics but also put the right emotions as you sing.

7. Write Down the Lyrics

Another way to familiarize yourself with the lyrics is by writing it down on paper, especially if you are a visual learner. You will see your handwriting as you try to recall the words, which is similar to when you were in school and trying to memorize a lesson.

8. Practice Before You Go to Bed

Practicing before going to sleep is a proven trick when it comes to memorizing anything. This is because our brains handle information it has collected while we sleep, and it pays special attention to the last ones before we fall asleep.

However, make sure that you also get enough sleep to give your memory a chance to do its job and help you remember the song lyrics. Sleeping better will also produce excellent results in your memory as well as your overall health.

How Can Singorama Help

If you are having a hard time memorizing song lyrics for an upcoming event, this website is for you.

Singorama is created by a knowledgeable vocal coach who happens to be a vocalist of a famous band as well. As such, you are assured that you’ll learn from someone who knows what she is teaching. According to her, you only need to practice for 15 minutes a day for you to become a singer and learn how to use your vocal cords correctly.

You will learn all the vocal techniques and other singing exercises through their Singorama 2.0 program.


There are various ways to learn how to memorize song lyrics faster using different techniques and methods that will suit your style. You have to know which technique works for you and then focus on how it is done to get amazing results.

Most of the time, combining several techniques is better than focusing on just one method. Knowing your learning style is also vital in your memorization progress.

Always remember that trying out different ways to memorize the song lyrics faster will also strengthen your mind, teaching it how to store information quickly. You may want to start with these 15 easy to sing songs to boost your confidence and practice your memorization techniques before trying complicated songs.

Alternatively, the Singorama 2.0 program is a good choice for you to enhance your vocal prowess.

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